San Martin Home Health, Inc is a licensed and certified home health care agency.


Nuestra agencia provee tratamientos comprensivos y integrales a todos nuestros clientes. Cada cliente merece la mas alta calidad de servicios.


Our agency is dedicated to providing comprehensive and holistic treatment to all of its clients. Each patient deserves the highest quality of care.


Nuestra misión es dar el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes combinando una filosofía amable y atenta con servicios de alta calidad.

Una agencia que esta categorizada como certificada y con licencia para en el estado de Texas tiene que proveer servicios de enfermería especializada y otros tipos de servicios terapéuticos también. Servicios están proporcionados de acuerdo con Medicare Certification Standards y pueden ser proporcionados a beneficiarios de Medicare y Medicaid. Además de enfermería especializada, San Martin Home Health, Inc. provee terapias físicas, de lenguaje, ocupacional, servicios médicos sociales, servicios de asistencia, y servicios de atediante personal en el hogar del paciente.

Our mission is to combine high quality health care services with a philosophy of caring in order to provide the best possible care to our patients.

An agency that is categorized as licensed and certified in the state of Texas must provide skilled nursing services and at least one other therapeutic service. Services are provided in accordance with Medicare Certification Standards and may be provided to Medicare and Medicaid recipients. In addition to skilled nursing, San Martin Home Health, Inc. provides physical, speech, and occupational therapy, medical social services, home health aide services, and personal care attendant services in the patient's home.



Making the choice for home care has many benefits.


Choosing your home health agency is an important decision. Clients trust San Martin to assist in their day to day life, and we take that honor very seriously.

We hope to make everyday with our patients special, and it is a great reward to be able to help those in need. With over 19 years of experience in our industry, San Martin has the staff and tools necessary to ensure the optimal service in the home setting.



Allows people to remain in their own homes with family and friends.


Familiar surroundings make people feel comfortable and recover faster.


One-to-one care specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual.


Allows for early discharge from hospitals.


Prevents or postpones institutionalization.


Less expensive than hospital or nursing home care.

Eligibility requirements for our services vary based on the specific programs.

For more information on a specific program please visit the page under either the adult or pediatric section of our site.